Dignity Kit – Pictures

On the 28th of July, we set out to support 1000 displaced women by providing dignity kits to meet their basic hygiene needs. We had beautiful and clear skies despite the rainy season and the great opportunity to visit 4 IDP camps in Abuja; Area 1, Kuchingoro, Wassa and Waru.

To get the dignity kits packed, I had the support of amazing volunteers who gave up three consecutive Saturdays to be part of the team. The process of getting to the final stage of distribution was just as amazing as experiencing the smiles on the faces of the women as they opened their kits to reveal its content.

I sincerely hope that the pictures and videos  below, speak a thousand words to your heart as they did to mine.


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The videos are about 30 seconds each and show women across different camps:

1.Surprised and Thankful


2. A Woman Discovers Her Towel Fits Perfectly 


3. Take a Look at What I Got


4. Thanks for Coming


5. Young Ladies Compare Dignity Kit Content


6. What is in my Kit?


7. They Can’t Stop Smiling 


8. The Women are Happy

9. The Female Heads of Families