Multisectoral Project

The Multisectoral Project is in response to the multifaceted needs of people that have been forced to leave their homes as a result of armed conflict, situations of violence and natural disaster. 

The multisectoral approach focuses on the overall well-being of displaced persons during the period of displacement with the aim of preparing and equipping them for reintegration into society with dignity. This includes meeting their mental and physical health, education and social needs. The project focused on the overall well-being of each participant, recognising the importance of each element to the process of long-term reintegration into society.

Skill Acquisition 

Hands-on practical training focused on giving participants the tools required to create opportunities today as well as  build a future for themselves and their families.


Trainers developed a close bond with participants and will remain committed to their long-term future.

Equipment and Financial Grant

All participants received business start-up kits for their respective trade and performance based grants were given to the best performing students.

Whistle Against Sexual Violence 

Whistle Against Sexual Violence provides young girls with whistles to call for help when in danger.

Focus Groups

Creates a safe space for small group discussions on issues including menstrual hygiene, personal hygiene,gender-based violence, etc.

Safe Spaces for Children

Children need safe spaces to thrive.

Physical Health 

The physical and mental health of displaced persons is integral to their overall well-being

“Come Talk Area”

Creates a place for people to come and share their experiences or talk about something that is on their mind. They receive counselling and psychosocial support.

Mental Health Champions

Training people in the camp to identify early symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression.