Impact Stories


An impact report on skills training, psychosocial and mental health interventions. It highlights community-based interventions focused on the overall well-being of Internally Displaced Persons, reflecting our reach and impact across IDP Camps.

Impact Story: “They taught me how to plait hair and now I have a hairdressing salon.”

Rashida has now left the camp and moved into her house in a neighbouring community. She said, “I built a house outside the camp with toilet and kitchen, and I bought a big mattress.” 


The dignity kit project is focused on reducing exploitation of displaced girls and women in need of basic hygiene items such as sanitary towels, toothpaste, toothbrush and bath soap. Women have needs beyond food, water and shelter and these items are usually unavailable or out of financial reach. Meeting these needs, boosts their mental and overall well-being, enabling them to support their families. Young girls and women should never have to be exploited to meet their hygiene needs. Dignity can and must be regained for our displaced women.

We visited the IDP camp in Area 1, Abuja four months after the dignity kit project and came across some of the ladies using the items from their dignity kit  – They were excited to share with us…

Amina is communicating in the Hausa language and her words are transcribed in English below :

My name is Amina Abubakar.  The goods you brought to us have been very useful. We wear the pants, skirts and use the blades. We also use the towel to back our babies and combs to stretch our hair. We are really happy. May God reward you abundantly. May you have a blessed ending. May God reward you.

Fatima Ali is communicating in the Hausa language and her words are transcribed in English below:

We didn’t sell the things you brought to us. We kept them for personal use. We use it for nursing mothers or pregnant women. We also waited till God blessed us with babies and now, we are using it to back them. Thank you, may God Almighty increase you in wealth, sustenance and give you the ability to come and visit us again. We are very happy.

My name is Haruna Gambo…We need more people to help us.


The Multisectoral Project is in response to the multifaceted needs of people that have been forced to leave their homes as a result of armed conflict, situations of violence and natural disaster. 

The multisectoral approach focuses on the overall well-being of displaced persons during the period of displacement with the aim of preparing and equipping them for reintegration into society with dignity. This includes meeting their mental and physical health, education and social needs. The project focused on the overall well-being of each participant, recognising the importance of each element to the process of long-term reintegration into society.

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