Educational Project

The educational project for Internally Displaced Persons supported Two Hundred (200) displaced children between the ages of five and ten across three IDP camps in Area 1, Kuchingoro and Kuje IDP Camps, with educational materials to promote self-learning because education gives them a better future.

Due to the lack of adequate educational facilities within IDP Camps, many children are way behind in school learning. In cases where few classrooms exist, many of the children either do not show up to school or cannot cope with the teaching. Many children do not envision life outside the walls of the camp and therefore, do not see the need to prepare for that future. 

For this project, we have chosen children within the specified age range because we want them to have the tools required to build a basic foundation. This knowledge can then be built upon as more resources become available to the camps. You will also find that children living in IDP camps have learning abilities of much younger children who have had better opportunities outside the camp. 

Each child was given a sling back-pack containing two pencils, colour pencils, two erasers, two sharpeners, an exercise book, and two textbooks that cover letters, numbers, shapes, handwriting practice, etc. 

More pictures from the distribution to IDP Camps are shown below: