Vocational Skill Acquisition

Hands-on practical training focused on giving participants the tools required to create opportunities today and build a future for themselves and their families. The participants were equipped across six skill areas and each participant was given a tool kit to enhance the program experience. 
Skills acquired include:

  • Reusable Sanitary Pad Making 
  • Hair Making/Hairdressing
  • Bead Making
  • Mechanic Work
  • Electrical Repair Work
  • Carpentry Work

Reusable Sanitary Pad Making

Every girl should have access to her basic hygiene needs sustainably. 

Hair Making 

It was the first attempt at hair making for many, but they were determined to learn a skill that will enable them to earn a living sustainably. The women constantly talked about the need to feed their children and create a future for themselves.

Bead Making 

The women created six special pieces of jewelry including neck, hand and ear pieces.

Mechanic Work 

The boys were eager to learn, fast learners and brilliant at execution – they changed the front and back brake pads of a car on the first day of training.

Electrical Repair

The boys were young but very confident with many of them learning across mechanic and electrical repair work.

Carpentry Work

The boys in this class were in their early teens and exhibited strength and passion for carpentry.