Mechanic Work

The boys were eager to learn, fast learners, and brilliant at execution – they changed the front and back brake pads of a car on the first day of training. The sessions involved practical training and mentorship support. Each participant received a kit for the training session and to help them in future apprenticeship opportunities.

Mechanic Work Kit

Group Work

The boys enjoyed working in groups and learned skills across mechanic and electrical work.

Excellent presentation by Kabiru

Question time on Nuts and Bolts

Question time on spanners

Project Presentation  

Matthew Samaila

Muhammed Ali

My name is Mohammed Ali. I am grateful.See now, we are learning work. We did not ever believe we would ever learn work but God has made it possible for us. They taught us battery, brain box,injector mouth, shock absorber, AC, etc. God’s blessings…

Muhammed Abubakar

My name is Muhammed Abubakar, I am 13 years old. I am learning many things here. I learned about brain box, battery, oil cleaner, master break and shock absorber.